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November 13, 2013
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The Batarynox by TyraaS The Batarynox by TyraaS
Finally I managed to "all" information to put together... <D
In respectfully, I present my own race, the batarynoxs!
Because its not squeeze everything here, I have included several interestings and expanded information here. All information on this page are pure fiction, created only for my personal needs and other enjoyment. If you need or want to know something about batarynoxs, or more, you can easily write. :)

If you want to create a character batarynox, do not forget to send me a link! <3

A) Magic
It is not known how batarynoxs use magic because they have no hands, and no use objects to divert usable energy as doing it people. They generate their own energy. Most of them then converts this energy into the various features with which they can easily dominate the sector of magic - elementary, vital, destructive, illusionist and necromantic.

Elemental magic lies in the fragmentation of individual elements, but batarynoxs prevailed between the desire to control the fire; who were able to control the flames, they became really big threat. Vital magic is focused on control and amplification of biological functions, and thus the culture batarynoxs take the role of priests and healers, because they can simply transfer their own magic to heal minor wounds and complicated diseases. Destructive magic would speak for her by name; batarynoxs these are mainly concentrated on the control of internal energy, which is able to pass out and then control it by thought and words of batarynoxs . Illusionist magic with particular focus on the mind of other creatures. They are dangerous because most of them can read thoughts of others (although batarynoxs are have this talent, particularly for the perception of moods and feelings). Many creates fictional images - external and internal. Batarynoxs, which controls a large part of illusionist magic is able to reliably cover the follow them, seduce, or even subconsciously convince of its truth. Once the energy release, control everything using only they mind. Such batarynoxs in the past dominated countless other creatures...
Necromantic magic is a chapter in itself, and one of those who condemn themselves also batarynoxs. Rarely, however, occurs between them. Far beyond the limits of their capabilities, and operates mainly mixed magic of all others. Lies mainly in the summoning of dead souls, and their subsequent operation using the illusionist abilities. Fixed shell, however, give them using elemental magic or move them to other bodies could still be used... Among batarynoxs he uses magic frowned upon, plus one of the top skills, because tearing the boundaries of time and life, and to reach a level few batarynoxs.

*A1) Words
of Elders (or in ancient batarynoxs language 'Ekeelhex')
These are the words that bind magical energy, and makes it easy to control her. These words dominate only batarynoxs, despite their ancient alliance with humans and others, they keep this only and only for use between batarynoxs.

The perception of surroundings and other races
Most of them are not very varied, they all have the basis of their understanding that power is equal to the truth. Batarynoxs have power, so for them it is true. Most of the other races considered low, unintelligent, and their subordinates. Rule is natural for them, but rarely are they good and tolerant leaders; they often slip with the intoxicating with power that corrupts their hearts, and they begin to think differently - to their personal good.
Worst batarynoxs come with humanoid races, whereas best with small creatures called liotheins, who are often their companions. Get on well with large eagles.
Batarynoxs are in the company of other races very unwillingly. Often still trying to show his superiority over them. Do not communicate with them, ignore them. But there are exceptions, they have learned to understand and tolerate other races. However, most are just a well-traveled batarynoxs who know a different world than Iruthilin and surrounding Rhowerin.

They will never be other creatures perceive as equals.

Social life
Batarynoxs are rather loners, yet by random individuals of the same race is welcome. They do not stay in the herd unless it is really necessary, especially because there is no designated leader who stood above all batarynoxs and doveld is collected. Nevertheless, they are very sensitive to ranks, and their "leaders" they considered the oldest and wisest individual. Batarynoxs is a large and deep respect for all elderly.
They follow the way of the clans, although not adhered to flock together, there is often a family clan, which has its own characteristics and in whose name the members talking about. It may not be a direct blood ties, but also just in the social circle of the clan. Thus, loved ones creatures often meet regularly and are definitely more sociable than those who choose to live apart from the others on ages. Together wandering creatures, however, often consist of only one gender (female group, pair, or a group, pair of males), and only rarely is a mixed group.

*C1) Clans
Clans are often based either due to the great friendship and alliance between batarynoxs, or are based through bloodline (often a significant female, although the founders of family clans are especially males). Each clan has its typical characteristics, and their greeting own rules, own codex. Family clans often inherit some physical characteristic and trait.

ADDENDUM D) Males and females (and babies)
Among batarynoxs there are many courtship rituals, but are often lengthy (because they have the time ), and very complex. Not rushing anywhere. There is no direct evidence that leads batarynoxs to find a counterpart , so long as they live alone and revel in solitude. Most of them are males who initiate courtship; following his beloved everywhere, protects her and stay close when sleeping. Females batarynoxs like to make a fuss, leaving from the male to feed and let it search for the best food. In doing so the acts already in mutual love with another, who hit it off the first time. The female is interested in showing only very sparingly, and often it not reflected all. Such couples are inseparable, wander along and constantly show their affection and eventually reside in one territory. But when one of the mates dies, will never find another replacement mate. They remain loyal even in death.
For such pairs but sometimes emerge and offspring . Young are born after a long, 13 - month pregnancy, and after born are relatively strong and very brave. Beak have fluffy to not hurt the mother during breastfeeding, although mothers breastfeeding is sometimes longer, even after the babies lost feathers on beak. At the beginning of babies cared only mother, and later join to father; in the meantime the mother is frequently and intensively with youngs, father mostly guarding the area or looking for food for his mate and later the youngs. Offsprings remain with their parents incredibly long time, and often leave the parents alone and without coercion (and often without saying goodbye).

Language and meaning of names
Batarynoxs have their own language, their own words, which, however, speaks only to their own... About this but later, as I prepare large sheet with their vocabulary, including the selection of names.

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